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Employee Spotlight-Austin Patchett


Austin Patchett has been with the company since 2015. Austin’s “roots” in the tree care industry started when he was young working at Treescape, his father’s business.

Austin’s interest and dedication to the art and science of arboriculture has resulted in his quick progress as a tree climber. He is committed to the company’s vision and understands what makes the company unique. His positive spirit is infectious and appreciated by the entire company.

Austin ...

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Employee Spotlight-Jose Ortiz



Jose Ortiz has been with the company since it’s founding in 2006. His “roots” in the tree care industry started when he was in his early twenties working with Ned. Ned, Dan and Jose have worked together for 20 years.

Jose is a foreman and one of the company’s top climbers. He is a pruning artist and his talent for pruning all size plants and trees is highly valued in the company. His ...

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Looking to work outside?! We are hiring!

Ned Patchett Consulting, Inc. a well-established tree company in the Bay Area is
currently looking for team-oriented individuals to fill three positions for Tree Climber
and Tree Workers. These individuals need to be outgoing and accountable and able to
effectively communicate with clients, vendors, sub-contractors and employees.

Tree Climber (1) Position:
• Must have minimum 3 years experience as a tree climber/trimmer
• Responsible for climbing, pruning and removing trees
• Experience performing ornamental and natural pruning
• Experience climbing with ...

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