Winter Storms Wreaks Havoc On Trees

After several years of mild winters and extreme drought conditions in California Mother Nature has returned with a bang! Substantial rainfall has resulted in saturated soil conditions and wind gusts have reached 50-60 miles per hour, which have increased ground failures and resulted in numerous branch failures.

Please schedule a site visit with one of our certified arborist to inspect your trees for ...

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Saturated Soils Can Lead To Increased Ground Failures


The Bay Area has received about 5 days of straight rain after a winter that barely produced any significant rain fall. These saturated soil conditions coupled with strong winds can lead to an increased chance of ground failure incidents. Things to watch for include the following:

  • Trees that are leaning
  • Fractured or cracked soil near the trunk of the tree
  • Mounded or uplifted soil or ...
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Wind Storms Cause Major Tree Damage


Winter is here!

The bay area was hit with some incredibly strong winter winds the past few days causing major damage to trees.  These winds left broken branches and even caused some trees to fall over!

Below is a photo of our crew removing broken branches from a Monterey cypress tree as a result of the storms.

Sometimes broken branches can be hard to see for the ...

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Sudden Oak Death


Recent results from the SOD Blitz in Woodside and Portola Valley suggest the disease is infecting new and more trees and appears to be moving into the lower areas of San Mateo, Santa Clara County.

November and December are the optimal time to start treatments so please contact our certified arborist if you would like an assessment on whether your trees should be ...

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