The Best Time To Prune Trees in Winter

Why Trim Your Trees This Winter?

Tree Specialists in San Carlos, Share Their Best Tips and Tricks for Pruning Trees in Winter
Winter is a perfect time for tree pruning for many reasons. During winter, trees stop growing and become dormant in cold climates. This can be an excellent time for pruning and will prepare it for spring. While some people prune for aesthetic reasons, trees need to be pruned for their health as well. If a tree has limbs that are weak or diseased, they can become a hazard to people, especially when the weight from ice and snow can cause them to snap. Pruning prevents dangerous situations and increases the health of your tree.

Recognize When to Prune

Just like your car and house, trees need proper maintenance. Here are some common signs that you need to call in a pro to prune your tree down.

  • Excess Foliage: Trees with an extensive canopy can inhibit the ground below from receiving adequate sunlight and rain. If your grass is starting to fade and your garden won’t produce, trimming your tree could solve this problem. Pruning branches will let sunlight and rain through to the ground below
  • Diseased Branches: Whenever mold, fungus, or bacteria are present on leaves or branches of a tree, it’s essential to prune the branch they are on. Pruning prevents the disease from spreading to other branches and, eventually, the whole tree.
  • Damaged or Cracked Branches: Tree branches that have been damaged by a storm or are cracked due to winter temperatures need to be removed. Both are lack structural integrity and present a safety hazard to cars, people, and homes.
  • Too Much Growth: If branches are hanging over and scraping your roof, touching your house, or are interfering with power lines, these branches must be pruned.

Advantages of Pruning

Many people prune trees for aesthetic purposes, to match a style or preferred size for their yard. There are many reasons to prune beyond aesthetics, however. When done right, pruning your tree can produce amazing results.

  • Healthier Trees: Pruning is essential to the health of a tree. When properly pruned, they can grow stronger, produce better foliage, and, for fruit trees, can yield better fruit. If left unpruned, they will grow out of control and fruit trees will not bear well.
  • Increased Security: Damaged or overgrown trees have the potential to damage your house, vehicles, the roadway, and sidewalks. By removing dead branches and prohibiting overgrowth, you’ll maximize the security and safety of anyone in the area.
  • Improved Garden: Trees with a large, full canopy will block sunlight and rain from getting to the area beneath it. Your lawn could turn brown, and gardens will have difficulty producing their vegetables. When you prune the thick canopy of a tree, you’ll help the ground below access the light and rain it needs to produce.

Tree Services You Can Trust

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