Protecting Your Home From Tree Damage This Year

The Tree Care Experts Based In San Carlos, CA Provide Safety Tips

Don’t Let A Tree Damage Your Property This Season

As the seasons change, the weather fluctuations can have a serious effect on the trees. During the mild spring and summer, trees come to life. They bear fruit and flowers, and they do the majority of their growing. As the warm weather gives way to the autumn, the leaves wither and die; incidentally causing beautiful foliage for tree spectator.

The winter, however, has the most effect on the tall plant. Harsh weather conditions, storms and high winds take their toll on the trees. Although many wild-grown species are conditioned to experience these changes, plants that grow on a property can be quite different.

Unfortunately, many trees can experience damage that can negatively affect a homeowner’s house, property, or loved ones. This is why it’s imperative to take care of the trees on the property, and to be vigilant for signs of trouble.

How A Tree Can Cause Damage

The effects of high winds and other elements can cause a tree to have significant damage. Issues like broken limbs and tree branches are only scratching the surface. As mentioned, when it’s a wild tree scenario, the problem is less dire, yet when the issue exists on a property, the harm can be great.

Take a look at the five most common ways a tree can cause damage.

  • Roof and Structural Damage: The most common tree damage typically has to do with fallen tree branches. If it is growing close enough to the home, even medium-sized limbs can cause holes in a roof and other structural issues.
  • Power Outages: Falling limbs can also be the culprit behind power outages. Branches that hit electrical wires will not only cause a disruption to the power, but it can also be a fire hazard. What’s more, it is a personal safety issue, as well.
  • Vehicle Damage: Depending on where the tree is located, it can also fall on to personal property such as cars, sheds, dog houses, and other structures that sit on the property.
  • Restricted Exit and Entrance: Another serious concern is when a tree falls and blocks the exit/entrance to the home. It is important that residents be able to leave the home in short notice, plus emergency personal need to have access to the home.
  • Personal Injury: The last, but most significant damage is personal injury. A falling tree or tree limb can cause extensive bodily harm to the occupants of the home or anyone that happens to be in its path. Trees can cause broken bones, head injuries, and even death.

These situations are likely to occur if the warning signs that a tree has damage are ignored by the homeowner.

Preventing Tree Damage

Luckily, there are ways for homeowners to prevent the above issues from occurring. Taking preventive measures will ensure the trees on your property and safe and healthy. It will also reduce the risk of home, property, and personal injury from taking place.

A few easy steps a homeowner can take is to do a visual inspection on their trees. Look for limbs and branches that broken, hanging, or have visual damage. Also, residents should have their trees trimmed and pruned regularly. Doing so will remove and dead branches, and catch weaknesses from infestation and disease before it has a chance to cause a significant problem.

Lastly, homeowners can opt to have a Tree Assessment Report performed. This will provide the homeowner will a detailed report on the likelihood of a tree falling on their property. This can eliminate the risk for damage, as well as, providing the best care possible for the trees on the property.

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting

Residents in the San Carlos, CA & surrounding areas have trusted Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting for years to provide the best care possible. They pride themselves on excellent workmanship and quality service. Their first answer is never to cut a tree down but to devise a solution to bring the tree back to life and to keep our neighborhoods safe.

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