The Truth About Arborists

The Truth About Arborists

Bay Area, CA residents know who to call when they’re in need of an arborist. Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting provides complete tree care.

Trees are one of the most overlooked parts of a commercial or residential property. Maintaining a clean and healthy tree is essential to maintaining a happy and healthy home. Whether they’re overgrown or dead, trees can cause some mayhem when they aren’t given the proper attention. Arborists are the trained professionals that you need around when a tree needs planted, pruned, or removed. An arborist will work to keep your home safe and your trees standing nice, longer.

To learn more about arborists and the difference between an arborist and a landscaper, continue reading below.

A Peek into the Life of an Arborist

An arborist is someone that has ideally gone to school for arboriculture as well as a professional certification from the International Society of Arboriculture or ISA. the ISA is a well-respected organization among arborists and if a certification is obtained from this organization, the arborist is qualified to receive increased pay.

Essentially, though, an arborist is someone that takes care of the health and vitality of trees and shrubs commercially and residentially. He is someone that can perform a multitude of services to your trees and shrubs.

Some of these services include:

No matter what service you need to be performed, when it comes to the beauty, health, and safety of any tree or shrub, an arborist is the one you need to call.

Why Hiring an Arborist Is The Right Thing to Do

You may not understand just how dangerous a scenario you are in with a tree until an arborist is hired. It doesn’t take much for a tree to become an emergency because they are so heavy. If a tree is planted close to electrical wire, it is important to keep the limbs from growing around the wire. The same is said for trees growing close to the home to keep them from growing into the gutters.

Tree growing close to the home can cause other problems as well, though. They become even more dangerous during a severe thunderstorm. If one falls on your home it will inevitably cause expensive damage and could potentially hurt people within the home. Not to mention the damage that can be caused below ground. Tree roots can grow into your plumbing system and cause extensive damage to your plumbing.

If you notice things like:

  • Broken limbs
  • Loose limbs
  • Damage to the trunk
  • The tree is leaning
  • Roots are exposed

You will want to call an arborist right away, as these are tree emergencies. The arborist will safely and efficiently fix the problem.

Arborist Vs. Landscaper

Landscapers provide a great service for those in need of any de-weeding, mulching, irrigation, or lawn installation and maintenance. However, if your trees need maintenance, you call an arborist. The difference between the two professions is actually rather vast. The two professions don’t have much in common at all.

An arborist won’t do you mulching or weeding, but they are certified to know how to read the trees and shrubs on your property. If a tree is unhealthy and in a dangerous condition, an arborist will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it and how to fix it. Not only that, but they will provide the service to do so.

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting Knows the Tree Service Industry

The certified arborists at Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting bring a unique approach to tree care and focus on the highest standards. You can trust their great services whenever you have a tree emergency. Call them the next time you need a consultation or to book an appointment.