How Much Water A Newly Planted Tree Needs

Bay Area Arborist based in San Carlos, California, Share Tips on Watering Newly Planted Trees

It happens all the time. That new tree you got from the nursery looked so healthy when you brought it home, but now it’s clearly struggling. The most common issue that newly-planted trees face is getting the right amount of water. Underwatering is just as bad as overwatering, in many cases. But how do you know how much water a newly planted tree needs?

Read on to discover some signs to look for, and a few tips to keep your new trees happy and healthy with the right amount of water.

The Importance of Proper Care for New Trees

Young trees have much to contend with in a new environment. They need to establish their roots in the new terrain, compete with other plants for nutrients and water, and survive lots of little changes that are unavoidable in a new place. For the first two years of your new tree’s life, it’s important to watch out for signs of stress or shock.

These include wiled, scorched, or curled leaves, dead branches, and out-of-season color changes. Many times these signs can be corrected with the right amount of water, but sometimes they’re signs of transplant shock.

Tree Transplant Shock

Any time you take a tree out of its soil – whether to move it across the yard or across the country – much of the root system is left behind. This goes for little baby trees just beginning their journey, to large trees that you planted years ago, and everything in between. It takes time for a tree to establish itself in new soil. Luckily, there are some things you can do to speed the process along and ensure the long-term health of your newly-planted tree.

How to Care For and Water New Trees

As soon as you get your new tree planted, place mulch around the trunk, leaving three inches between the trunk and the ring of mulch. The mulch-ring should be about two-feet wide. This can help your new tree by insulating it from too much heat or cold, helping it retain moisture, and discouraging weed growth. The perfect amount of mulch (wood chips work great for this) is between two and four inches thick. Too much mulch traps moisture and can suffocate the roots, while too little won’t do enough to protect the tree.

Caring for new trees is all about the right amount of water. Water your new tree once a day for the first two weeks, then once a week for the next month. For the rest of the first year, once per one or two weeks should be fine. Pay attention to the weather, because you’ll want to increase watering when it’s hot and dry and decrease watering when you get rain. You can check the soil around your tree, making sure it’s moist to a depth of six inches. If it’s wet and swampy, the tree is getting too much water.

If your new tree is still showing signs of stress, you may want to contact a professional tree care service to guide your tree care effort. Remember, caring for new trees can be a little difficult. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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