Learning About Fire Mitigation

Taking precautions for fire prevention is extremely important to the residents and Arborists alike in San Carlos, CA.

Facts You Need to Know About Fire Mitigation

2020 has been extraordinary thus far. Even natural disasters have been extraordinary. Wildfires have devastated much of California and the west coast in general. When it comes to fire mitigation and preventing fires, there is only so much the residents can do. That said, there are specific and professional fire mitigation techniques that all San Carlos residents should be aware of.
Without professionals fire mitigation, the wildfires would be much worse. Fire may have swept much of the state, but it is still more important than ever to practice safe fire prevention techniques. Continue reading to learn more about what this is and its benefits.

What Exactly Is Fire Mitigation?

Quite literally, fire mitigation is the prevention of wildland fires, including grass fires, bush fires, and forest fires. It is the process of removing fuels from around the home that can create increased exposure during a fire. Other actions can be taken to reduce the intensity of the fire as well as things to help ease the job of the firefighters.

The number one way to prevent a fire is through creating defensible space:
Defensible space is an area around the home where all fuels and vegetation are specifically treated and cleared. Doing this helps to slow down the fire before it reaches the home. This space also helps firefighters because it creates room for them to maneuver.

Why Fire Mitigation Is Important

Fire mitigation is important for many reasons. The main reason being safety. It not only increases the safety of the residents within the home but the home itself from becoming a victim of a wildfire.

Other common reasons fire mitigation is so important include:

  • It increases property value
  • Residential views improve
  • Promotes the health of the surrounding forests
  • Promotes the health of household landscaping
  • Keeps pests away from homes and gardens

For California homeowners, fire mitigation is the single most important form of maintenance. Homeowners that do not keep up on this type of maintenance put their entire neighborhood at risk.
How to Be Prepared
Aside from professional fire mitigation, every homeowner can spend time to mitigate fires on their own. Whether the homeowner prepares the inside of the home or the outside, all preparations for fire safety are encouraged.
Some common ways to prepare the property are:

  • Ensuring all smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors always work properly
  • Maintain knowledge of weather before barbecuing
  • Maintain knowledge of weather before smoking outside
  • Never leaving candles unattended

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting Knows Fire Mitigation

Whether the residents of San Carlos, CA are in need of tree care or landscaping services, Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting is there. They are the experts that understand the ins and outs of fire mitigation and precautions that are necessary to take, and they will ensure your home is as safe as possible. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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