Tree Care 101: Taking Care of Your Yard

Professionals in San Carlos, CA Share Helpful Information About Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance is one of the aspects of homeownership that may get neglected or pushed down the list of things to do. However, it’s important to keep up on regular maintenance for reasons beyond aesthetics. Even if there are only a few years in your yard, it’s important to know the different types of maintenance there are for trees, shrubs, or other greenery.

Below are some questions that may come to mind when thinking about how to tackle yard maintenance.

When Should I Shear?

Shearing is a maintenance method for trees and shrubs that often creates the most unnatural, but clean outcome. This method also provides additional privacy and a more formal look for the yard.

The benefit of shearing shrubs in your yard is that the homeowner could shear to a desired shape and maintain that so long as they keep up with regular maintenance. In order to accomplish this, electric shears or longhand shears are used to carefully cut top portions of the plant.

Cutting off the dead ends of the tree allows for better growth, but it may also expose the dead interior of the plant. This can be avoided if done by a professional; this will ensure that oversearing doesn’t occur.

When Is It Appropriate to Trim or Prune?

If a homeowner is looking for a more natural, cleaned up look for trees, shrubs, or greenery, then trimming or pruning is most likely a better approach. While shearing is faster and provides a more tight or cleaned up look, trimming or pruning is a good option if a natural, yet clean look is the goal.

Within trimming, there are two different methods: heading cut and thinning cut. The heading cut will get rid of undeveloped nodes that would not otherwise grow smoothly. Thinning cuts, on the other hand, remove material from the source, removing entire branches, twigs, or buds. These cuts are both more selective which leaves a natural look, rather than when a homeowner wants their shrubs cut to a specific shape like with shearing.

Are There Benefits to Regular Upkeep?

Just like any other maintenance around or in the home, tree upkeep provides several benefits beyond aesthetic improvement. When a tree or shrub is pruned it promotes healthy and more vibrant growth. Every time the tree is trimmed, direct sunlight hits more of the tree allowing for better growth. Additionally, older parts of plants or plant-ends that are starting to die don’t produce the same energy that the tree or plant needs to continue thriving. So, regular maintenance allows for longer tree life.

Should I Hire a Professional?

As mentioned previously, it is best to hire a professional for any tree maintenance or upkeep (and of course, for any unfortunate emergencies that may occur). Regular maintenance could lead to unfortunate overshearing if done by a homeowner. Unfortunately, with shearing, it is easy to go a little overboard and cut off more than originally anticipated.

To avoid any costly mistakes, make sure to call local tree care companies for assistance in any of your tree needs.

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