How The Christmas Tree Came To Be

Arborists in San Carlos, CA Share the History of the Christmas Tree

Every December, millions of Americans put up a tree as the ultimate sign that Christmas is coming. The Christmas tree thrills the hearts of children and evokes feelings of nostalgia and romance in adults. But how did the Christmas tree come to be?

Here you will find the history of the Christmas tree, some decorating trends of 2020, and unique ideas for the disposal of your Christmas tree.

The History Of The Christmas Tree

Decorated trees were first associated with Christmas Day during the Renaissance in Germany and Livonia. There, evergreen trees were put up in the guildhalls and decorated with sweets for the apprentices and children. It is said that Martin Luther was the first to adorn the tree with lighted candles.

During the Protestant Reformation, upper-class Protestants used Christmas trees in their homes in place of the Catholic tradition of the Christmas crib. In areas that were widely Roman Catholic, the Christmas tree was snubbed as being a Protestant tradition, and therefore the tradition was slow to take hold.

The Christmas tree became known as a symbol of German culture, and the tradition spread as immigration increased during the 19th century. Throughout the mid-1800s, the Christmas tree became increasingly popular as citizens emulated the royals. By the 1920s, the tradition of the Christmas tree was well-known and practiced by people of all classes.

In North America, the first Christmas tree arrived in 1781. A fir tree adorned with fruits and candles was the centerpiece at a party thrown for Hessian soldiers stationed in Quebec. The first Christmas tree in the United States is disputed, but the tradition became very common in the early 19th century.

2020 Tree Trimming Trends

As in recent years, Christmas tree decorating trends in 2020 find vintage is in. Folks yearning for the simpler Christmases of their childhood may decorate their trees with tinsel garland, large, old-fashioned lights, and a mix of handcrafted and heirloom ornaments.

Other trends include monochromatic decor, with all the trimmings being one color (often silver, gold, white, or red); funky-colored decorations in teal, purple, and pink; glass balls in rose gold; and country/rustic with trimmings of burlap, plaid, and wood.

Christmas trees this year will appear adorned in every color under the sun. The prevailing wisdom for this holiday season, in general, is to do what brings you and your family joy.

Christmas Tree Disposal

For some time, it was thought that cutting down live Christmas trees was harmful to the environment. The opposite is in fact true. Christmas tree farms plant new trees every year, creating habitats for birds and animals, and contributing to the production of clean air. Natural Christmas trees are easier to dispose of than their artificial cousins, which will sit in landfills for decades and never break down.

To dispose of a natural Christmas tree, check your local ordinances. Most towns will allow them to be put to the curb for trash pickup. Some townships will pick up the trees for mulching, which is the ultimate recycling. Other ideas include propping up your Christmas tree in your own backyard, where it will stay green for months and provide natural cover for birds and critters. Or consider donating your tree to a nearby animal sanctuary. Many rescued and rehabilitated animals, such as lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) really enjoy the gift of a Christmas tree as part of their enrichment.

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