5 Ways Homeowners Can Help the Planet With Their Trees

San Carlos, CA tree experts have these eco-friendly tips to share.

The Easiest Ways To Help the Planet This Earth Day

Earth Day is a great reminder for people to set a goal for themselves to try to live a little more eco-friendly. In today’s world, there are numerous different ways that people can go “green,” including – trying to use less energy and water, creating less trash, and helping to preserve the planet as much as possible. Below are five different ways that homeowners can do this, simply by caring for the trees in their yard and everywhere.

1. Go Vegan Once a Week

The agricultural industry is responsible for the destruction of forests every single year. The world has caught on to the health and environmental benefits of veganism but still, it seems as though the need for more farming land continues to increase. Not only do farmers have to have a place to put their livestock and have to have enough food to keep them alive, but the waste livestock produce can also harm the environment.

Reducing one’s meat intake will help the planet and quite possibly their diet too. This can be as simple as adding a salad to your meal or getting more creative and working out an entire plant-based dinner.

2. Have a Tree Planted

As mentioned above, the world can use all the trees it can get. One thing that homeowners can do is have a tree servicing company plant a tree in their yard. Trees not only help filter the air but also provide great eco-friendly benefits for the home, including providing shade in the spring and summer to reduce the amount of energy used by the air conditioner.

3. Reduce Paper Use

As the world continues to become more digitally-based, the need for paper becomes more obsolete. However, it’s still difficult to avoid paper receipts, statements, and bills. A few things that homeowners can do to reduce their use of paper is to switch to paperless bank statements, online bill pay, and using receipts and other scrap paper over again, for things like grocery lists.

Additionally, while paper plates, cups, and utensils cut down on dishwashing, they are also harmful to the environment. Instead, opt for easy-to-wash dishes, and you’ll not only be more eco-friendly but could also be saying on your grocery costs.

4. Have Trees Regularly Maintained

Regular tree maintenance is probably the easiest and best thing that homeowners can do this Earth Day. When the trees are well-maintained, they are happier, healthier, and stronger. In turn, this sets them up to have a long life that benefits the earth and human life! Not only that but routine tree maintenance helps to prevent tree emergencies from happening. Solving a problem before it happens can save the homeowner tons of money in damage repairs.

5. Plant a Garden

Planting a garden can help the tree and other landscaping live a happy life as well. A garden promotes healthy soil, which is good for every plant! It will also help homeowners save a little money at the grocery store. Opting to plant plants and veggies can give you easy access to organic produce right from the comfort of your home!

Additionally, if homeowners look to add fruit trees to their property they get the best of both worlds – shade and delicious fruits. If homeowners try at least one of the above-stated tips, the planet can breathe a little deeper this Earth Day.

Homeowners Trust Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting

When it comes to tree care, it’s important to have a skilled and licensed professional on the job. The San Carlos professionals at Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting, are those professionals. They care about their community and always provide the best care for their customers. Whether it’s maintenance, removal, or appraisal, they can do it all. Call today to schedule a maintenance appointment!

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