Choosing the Best Tree Service for You!

The top arborists in San Carlos share advice to help homeowners know what to look for when they choose a tree service.

Finding a professional tree service company is an important task for people that own residential or commercial property with trees. So many people contract out their landscaping and yard work to local landscaping companies and by default, usually leave the care of their trees to the same people. Usually, landscaping companies aren’t qualified to work on trees, and luckily, there is a better way to give trees the care they need.

For local San Carlos tree owners that are shopping around for a tree care company that is worth hiring, look for the following characteristics of a professional tree care company.

Professional Certifications

Tree service companies should be run by trained professionals called arborists. To use the professional term “arborist” an applicant must demonstrate that they have years of experience and formal training in tree care. The designation of “arborist” means they operate at the highest standards of the international tree care industry.

Local Experience

While arborists are trained to know how to take care of trees in general, local climate conditions are important to the growth of trees. Local tree care companies will be even better at taking care of local species of trees. Be sure to check out reviews and websites to see how a tree company’s customers talk about them and to find out how long they’ve been in the business.

Safety Practices

Tree care is a dangerous job that has the chance for someone to get hurt or for property damage to occur. Tree service companies take safety very seriously. When asked about their safety practices, a good tree service company will have information about their safety protocols readily available.


One of the most important aspects of a tree company’s safety program is its insurance. For customers, insurance protects their property in the event that damage occurs during a tree company’s service. The tree company’s insurance is there to protect their clients and give them peace of mind.

Top of the Line Equipment

Tree service is a dangerous job that requires special tools to safely accomplish the work. A good tree company will have a variety of lifts, saws, and trucks that allow them to do their job. Most tree services are proud of the equipment they use and will educate their customers about it on their websites. This gives their future customers a glimpse into how well they can accomplish difficult jobs.


Choosing a company that is run by a certified arborist is a good first step in determining the knowledge level of a company. After that, be sure to ask specific questions about previous jobs and check local reviews to get a better idea of their experience on a particular type of job.

Jobsite Cleanup

Cleanup should be included in tree service. Most tree services include this in their service package. Clear expectations should be made about the tree company’s responsibility to clean up the site after the service is done.

Easy Communication

Services provided by a tree company can include big jobs and high price tags. When customers are paying a company to perform a service, they deserve transparency and easy communication. If early attempts at communication are difficult, later attempts probably won’t be better.

Competitive and Affordable Pricing

The tree care industry is competitive. Customers should get several bids before they contract any tree work. This also allows the customer a chance to meet someone from the company and get an idea of how professional and easy to work with the company may be.

Getting Help from the Pros

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting knows all about professional tree service because they’ve been doing it for 25 years. Customers looking for a professional San Carlos tree service should call (650) 728-8308 to schedule a free quote. Their reliable and safe crews handle tree maintenance, plant health care, and tree removals.

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