Common Deadly Tree Disease in the Bay Area

Arborists in San Carlos raise awareness about diseases affecting local trees. 

Common Diseases That are Detrimental to Local Trees

San Carlos is located in one of the most beautiful regions in the whole world. The area is blessed with a variety and abundance of trees that add to the aesthetic. Unfortunately, due to wild variations in local weather patterns over the last few years, the trees are taking a hit. Local trees have fallen victim to common tree diseases that are starting to take a toll.

Some of the most impactful tree diseases in the area include: 

  • General Fungal Infection: In the wet and dry periods throughout the year certain harmful fungus can spread to trees due to excess moisture in the soil. These fungi along with other environmental factors can break down the wood that gives trees their strength and ability to survive. However, the signs are clear and many trees are falling victim to fungal infection such as Armillaria mellea commonly known as root fungus or Phytophthora. Some cases of trees succumbing to fungal infections can also be blamed on planting trees in biomes where they aren’t acclimated.
  • Sudden Oak Death: Sudden oak death refers to a complex set of stressors that cause oak trees of a certain age to die in a short period of time after infection. One of the main contributors of Sudden Oak Death is Phytophthora ramorum which is a fungus-like infection that is spread airborne, through other contaminated plants and soil. The environmental factors in which the trees face play a major role in the decline over time.
  • Anthracnose: Anthracnose is a common fungal infection that causes foliar problems on leaves. This inhibits the tree from producing energy and can stunt its growth and immune response. Anthracnose is identified by dying leaves that curl up and die.

Causes of Tree Disease

Trees are very hardy organisms that have evolved to handle a variety of conditions. Trees have a remarkable ability to fend off invaders as well as heal damage that they sustain from being constantly subject to the whims of nature. Unfortunately for trees, there are a number of organisms that have evolved to take advantage of weaknesses in trees and exploit them for their benefit.

Most of the dangers posed to trees in San Carlos come in the form of fungal infections. All of the diseases mentioned in this article come from fungi that act as a parasite to trees. Fungal infections can be hard to spot because they can be asymptomatic for years then strike at a time when the tree is too weak to defend itself.

Infectious fungus spreads rapidly in moist conditions. This means that rainy years or landscape that is overwatered can allow fungus to take up residence in local trees without anyone knowing. When the tree becomes stressed, the fungus spreads and can kill the tree.

What Types of Trees are Affected?

Nearly every species of tree can be affected by fungal infections. In the case of the above examples, affected trees are:

  • Sycamores
  • Every type of oak tree(Quercus)
  • Maples 
  • Elm 
  • Bay Laurel
  • Madrone

How to Respond When Problems Arise

The best thing to do to avoid damage to trees is to prevent the problem altogether. This starts by planting only appropriate species in the proper site. Tree health care experts like arborists can offer advice as to the specific type of tree that would thrive in a given setting.

The next thing to do to prevent damage to trees is to give them proper care. Plant health care experts recommend careful watering to prevent giving trees too much or not enough water. By maintaining constant soil moisture through mulching or irrigation, tree owners can ensure good health for a tree.

If problems have already arisen in a tree, tree trimming and treatments to suppress the disease and improve the health of the tree may be warranted. Hiring a professional company is best because trained professionals know how to remove diseased trees without spreading the disease around.

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