3 Top Trees for Bay Area Homes: The Curb Appeal That Catches Homebuyer’s Eyes

California customers can increase home values with the right trees, say tree service experts.

These Types of Trees May Attract New Homebuyers

Most homeowners want an attractive lawn and landscaping they can be proud of. The problem is that often people, even those in landscaping architecture often choose plants merely based on appearance. This can lead to disappointment when a tree does not flourish as expected. The homeowner needs to take into consideration the type of soil in the area, the size of the mature tree, and its tolerance for sun, shade, disease, or drought. 

Consulting with an arborist or your local tree service company about your landscaping needs is an excellent way to get started with choosing trees, but this article also discusses three trees that will thrive in the California Bay Area and are beautiful to boot. 

The Autumn Blaze Maple

The Autumn Blaze is a naturally occurring hybrid maple that is a cross between the silver maple and the red maple. It derives its name from its vibrant fall colors which are sure to create a spectacular visual yard display.  They do well in full sun and need very little care after being established. They are magnificent shade trees, the mature height exceeding 40 feet and the width of the branch spread of approximately 35 feet. 

They prefer soil that is well-drained and slightly acidic. Both of these soil aspects can be facilitated by the use of mulch. Major talking points for the Autumn Blaze are listed below:

  • Size:  This maple is a large and fast-growing variety that will need to be placed at least 20 feet from other structures to prevent the need for tree trimming. The large canopy spread is great for shade but does need sufficient room to grow.
  • Autumn Brilliance and Clean-up: As with any deciduous tree, the brilliant colors of the early fall turn into a littered lawn as longer nights creep in. It is wise to consider this aspect of lawn care before purchasing a tree that may cover a whole yard. 
  • Shallow Roots: This can be a good and a bad thing. The roots of this tree are less likely to cause problems with your home plumbing system, but they may show up in your lawn.
  • Hardy and Tolerant: The autumn blaze maple is a tree that takes very little care after it is established. It is pollution and drought-tolerant and thrives in a variety of sunlight conditions and temperatures.

Coast Redwood:  Soquel Cultivar

When you think of coastal redwoods, you probably imagine the giant trees of the national park fame, but the soquel cultivar of these trees, while fast-growing, is small by comparison. This conifer grows in a traditional pyramid-shaped growth that one associate with a Christmas tree. They maintain dense foliage on their lower branches and are easy to trim which makes them ideal for evergreen hedges. 

They normally do not exceed 25 feet in height and, as previously mentioned, tolerate tree pruning and shaping. They are native to California, so they thrive in the soil and climate and are even considered a fire-resistant species. 

Oklahoma Redbud

The Oklahoma Redbud is a smaller flowering tree variety that is highly adaptable and will be a lovely centerpiece to any yard landscaping project. This unassuming tree shows its full colors in early spring when it produces flowers that cover the bare branches in delicate, pink to purplish-red flowers.

Because they are native to a good portion of the North American continent, they are likely to flourish in almost any area. While their initial growth is rapid they are not considered tall trees and their multi-branched trunks have the high visual appeal often associated with cherries and other small fruit trees. Listed below are a few of the aspects that people find appealing in the Oklahoma redbud:

  • Beautiful spring blooms
  • Drought tolerant
  • Sun and shade tolerant
  • Native trees
  • Easy care

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