What Does It Mean To Have Sustainable Tree Care?

What Does It Mean To Have Sustainable Tree Care?

Tree service professionals of San Carlos, California share tree health tips that won’t harm the environment.

Be Environmentally Responsible In Your Tree and Plant Health Care

Sustainability is a common topic these days when it comes to agriculture and arboriculture. The way people care for cultivated land, whether it is for farming or a residential area, can affect the environment of the whole area for better or worse.  Speaking of sustainability usually involves limiting the harvesting of certain trees in forestry, but it can also involve the practices and chemicals that are used in taking care of plants and trees.

Tree health care is important to the environment, but using the wrong products and techniques can be detrimental to the ecosystem. Below is a discussion of what to do and what not to do when it comes to trees in your garden landscapes.

“Tree Health” Things To Avoid

Well-meaning homeowners may sincerely want to give their trees the proper care but may be misinformed about what is best for the trees and the surrounding environment. One of the most common problems is the practice of “topping.” This is an extreme over-pruning that removes a large portion of the crown of the tree. While tree pruning dead branches and overcrowding is a smart practice, too much can send the tree into shock, causing the tree to die.

The death may be slower if the tree just doesn’t have enough leaves to produce the nutrients it needs. Limbs will slowly die off, making the problem even worse. Severe trimming can also leave a tree susceptible to tree disease.

Some other practices to avoid are included in the list below.

  • Chemical fertilizers can actually damage tree roots if they are not used with care. They are also more likely to cause problems for local fauna.
  • Chemical pesticides are dangerous to more than just the targeted bugs. Bee pollution has fallen significantly due to this tragedy.
  • Herbicides used for weeds can also cause collateral damage, especially to plants that are native to an area and need to thrive for a balanced ecosystem.
  • Planting non-native trees and plants in a garden can lead to the spreading of invasive species that can ruin the variety of an area.

Proper Tree Care

When it comes to tree care, organic and natural are always the best choices. Water conservation is an important part of sustainability as well, so even though trees need water, homeowners should take care to provide a slow, deep drink and should not overwater.

Other best practices for helping a tree flourish include:

  • Organic Mulch: Use mulch as a slow-release nutrient source and as a way to protect the soil from moisture loss and temperature extremes. Make sure it is around 3 inches deep and is applied on the roots, not the trunk.
  • Soil Testing: Get the soil tested to see if any fertilizer or nutrient boost is needed. At that point, an arborist can recommend a good organic fertilizer to fit your needs.
  • Plant Native: When looking for beautiful plants and trees for your yard, try to find native plants that will suit your needs so that if they spread, they will not overtake the area.

Consulting with a Tree Service Company and an Arborist

All of these tasks and more can be done by a reliable tree care company with a certified arborist. Tree pruning and tree removal are only part of their job. Consulting with an arborist can ensure that you are doing the right thing not only for your own lawn but for the community at large.

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