3 Reasons You Should Hire a Certified Arborist

An Arborist Is Trained in the Art of the Trees

If a person holds the Certified Arborist title, it indicates that they have the training and passed the necessary tests to speak for the trees. Arborists are about more than just cutting trees down. Their job is primarily to help trees survive and thrive in natural and cultivated landscapes.

Some of the tasks that an Arborist is trained in include:

  • Tree Identification
  • Disease/Pest Identification
  • Proper Pruning Techniques
  • Plant Health Care

An Arborist Has the Right Equipment

A homeowner might be able to borrow a ladder and a chainsaw from their neighbor, but a professional will have much more than that. They may have equipment designed to aid with tree care, including climbing equipment, ropes, safety gear, and more! They know how to handle complicated situations without damaging property.

  • Tree Equipment: Climbing Gear, Knowledge of Proper Pruning Practices, Pole Pruners, Specialized Ropes for Climbing/Rigging, Chainsaws, and sometimes, Cranes.
  • Safety Equipment: This includes Hard Hats, Ear Plugs, Knowledge of First Aid, Fire Extinguishers, and Eye Protection

Gives the Homeowner Peace of Mind

The main reason a homeowner should hire a Qualified professional is for the peace of mind. That way, they know that they have made the correct choice, and with the recommendation of an expert, their tree was taken care of.

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