How Tree Maintenance Can Help Both The Tree And The Environment

Tree health care professionals of San Carlos, California, share why taking care of your trees is taking care of the planet.

Proper Tree Care Helps Ecosystems Flourish

April is Earth Month, and often, events tend to center around recycling and energy consumption, but helping the planet can be as simple as tending to your own yard and garden. The obvious reason for this is, of course, aesthetics and safety, but keeping up with a tree’s general health and maintenance is beneficial to the tree itself as well as the rest of the environment around it. This article will discuss the specifics of these benefits and why homeowners should leave that work of trimming and pruning to the professionals.

Tree Benefits

A tree may look like it is flourishing on its own when it puts out extra branches and is covered with a thick blanket of leaves, but this can actually cause problems for the tree. Branches can grow too closely together and damage each other. Too many leaves can cause an over-harvesting of nutrients in the soil, leaving it unhealthy for other plants. Trimming trees produces the following benefits:

  • Aesthetic Benefits: The trees that are trimmed back heighten curb appeal and make the home look better.
  • Healthier Growth: Proper pruning techniques will make the tree grow in a healthier direction.
  • Safer Yard: When damaged branches are properly dealt with, homeowners can avoid personal injury and property damage.
  • Tree Risk Reduction: Proper tree care means the tree is less likely to end up a home for pests or have a problem with tree disease.
  • More Fruitful: Whether a homeowner has fruit trees that they eat from or they just like flowering trees, keeping a tree properly trimmed will make it more likely to produce blooms and fruit.

These are just the benefits for the three itself; let’s now look at how tree health helps the rest of an ecosystem.

Environmental Benefits

Trees are major pillars in whatever ecosystem they are in. Healthy trees can benefit all the other plants and animals in the area. See the examples below.

  • Strong, maintained trees provide shade and windbreaks for homes, reducing energy use.
  • Tree roots filter water, removing toxins.
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide and are the largest oxygen producers.
  • They can also absorb other pollutants from the air.
  • Healthy trees that are properly trimmed prevent the spread of tree disease and pests.

What Is Proper Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming?

If a homeowner trims their tree too little, then the tree will get no benefit from the trim. If too much is trimmed, it can send the tree into shock, killing the tree, which will mean a need for tree removal. This is why training and proper equipment are important in the tree care business. A certified arborist will know how to best tackle a tree problem and understand tree risk assessment. Hiring a professional tree service company is also safer for the homeowner, who can be injured without the proper training or equipment.

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