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Landscaping responsibilities can be a major chore for some homeowners. When you toss is tree care as well, many people throw up their hands and decide to let the trees take care of themselves. Unfortunately, this can lead to unhealthy trees and dangerous situations for the homeowner.

Though tree care may seem like a lot of extra work for some, it is imperative to the well being and health of all the trees on your property. Working with a professional arborist is a great way to accomplish the chore in the most beneficial manner. You can be assured that your trees will survive and thrive.

Need a tree inventory done on a massive estate? Call Ned Patchett to schedule an appointment with an experienced arborist.

When To Have A Tree Removed

Deciding to have a tree removed can be a difficult decision for the arborist and the homeowner. Trees become a fixed piece of the property that can have a lot of good memories attached to them. In some cases though, removing the tree is the best course. Especially if the tree poses a threat to the occupants of the home or the structure of the house.

At times, the most difficult challenge is actually making the decision to remove the tree. Most homeowners are not certain when the right time is to cut it down. Below, we have outlined the most common reasons for removing a tree.

  • A Dead Tree: A tree that has died is in danger of falling. When it does, it can cause property damage, personal injury, and it can cut through hazardous powerlines.
  • Disease and Pests: There is a point on np return when it comes to pest infestation and diseases. If it has gotten to the point that the tree will not be able to become healthy again, the tree should be removed. This will eliminate damage from the tree falling and will also prevent the spreading of the disease and insects.
  • A Tree is Leaning: If a tree is leaning to one side, there is a strong chance the tree will fall to the ground. When that happens, you should have the tree removed immediately before it falls.
  • Location: On occasion, a tree may be growing to close to the home or another structure. This can be a problem with the power line, roots disrupting the foundation and roof issues from falling branches and leaves. 
  • Overall Damage: Damage from age. Decay or weather can be another factor to consider. Typically, if the tree is more than 50% damaged it should be taken down. The damage can include large holes, splits from lightening, cracked bark, root damage, etc.

Though it can be a hard decision, removing a tree can save the homeowner considerable money on repair and clean up costs. It will also prevent the possibility or personal injury that could even lead to death. The most important thing to remember, however, is to work with a professional to have the tree taken down.

Tree removal can be a dangerous job. Don’t chance it alone. Call us to schedule an appointment for an affordable and convenient tree removal appointment.

When To Trim Your Trees

Trimming the trees on your property should be done every few times per year depending on the species and location of the trees. Trimming is done to promote growth in the tree. Branches and twigs are removed that could stifle the lower growing appendages.

If a tree is too top-heavy for example, the lower growing limbs or branches may not be getting enough sunlight or moisture due to the congestion above them. Trimming these branches will allow the entire tree to receive the nutrients it needs. This will also promote overall good health for the entire tree.

Trimming is best done in mid-Spring and late fall. Again, this can depend on the type of trees you have and your geographic location. Some species of trees require less trimming, and it can be done only once a year. Age is also a factor. Younger trees that are growing more rapidly can require more trimming then older trees.

Overall, the best bet is to speak with a tree care technician to determine the right amount of trimming your trees will need. They will be able to schedule trimming along with pruning and any other tree care that is needed to be done all at one time for your convenience.

Not sure whether you need trimming or pruning services? Go to our trimming and pruning page here, or give us a call to speak with our experienced team members.

The Importance Of A Tree Risk Assessment

A tree risk assessment survey is done to determine the likelihood of any trees on the property falling and damaging wither structures or occupants. Having this survey done will give the homeowner peace of mind that their trees, home, and family are safe.

Trees can suffer from many ailments that can cause them to fail. Damage from storms, diseases, insect infestation, decay, and overall age can all add up to a tree potentially falling. If this happens close to the residence, many factors can be affected.

Costly damage to the home including roof repair, exterior siding damage, gutter and downspout damage, and breaking windows are just a handful of the problems. Damage to other property such as vehicles, sheds, lawn furniture, powerlines, etc can also occur.

Worse yet, personal injury from concussions, broken bones, to even death can occur when a tree or a tree limb falls unexpectedly. For all of these reasons, it’s important to have a tree risk assessment survey performed to check for signs of damage, decay, disease, or any other problem that could cause a tree to fall.

Tree care, in general, can be a dangerous job. Having the right tools, equipment and experience is essential, and these jobs should not be performed by a novice. Working with a tree care specialist will ensure your home, property, and the tree care specialist is safe from harm.

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