Landscape Maintenance Services

We provide a full range of sustainable landscape maintenance services with a unique and comprehensive focus on the relationship between trees and landscapes.

Conflicts often occur from landscape practices that fail to consider the impact that disturbances can have on your treescape. Countless times the health of existing trees are compromised in the process of poor landscape maintenance practices. Over-watering, improper plant selection, use of toxic herbicides, grade changes and other poor landscape maintenance practices can greatly impact the health of your trees and overall well being of your landscape.

We offer the following weekly, monthly and quarterly Landscape Maintenance Services:

  • Complete Lawn Care

  • Irrigation Management and Repairs

  • Water Conservation Practices

  • Ornamental and Natural Shrub and Plant Pruning

  • Shrub, Plant and Lawn Fertilization

  • Organic Vegetable Garden Care

  • Integrated Pest Management Services

  • Mulching

  • Plant Health Care Services

  • Annuals and Bulb Planting

  • Grounds Cleaning

Please contact us for detailed information and to see how we help with a landscape maintenance.