Your trees are an aesthetically beautiful and functionally valuable part of your landscape and you want them to continue to look and perform their best.  But outside of the forest, trees may struggle to receive all of the nutrients that they need to thrive. Nutrient deficiencies in the soil can make it difficult for trees in a landscape to get everything they need. Because of this, over time, trees can decline and possibly even die.

If your trees are losing their color or vigor, look sparse or thin—or they seem to be underperforming—they may not be receiving the nutrition they need.

Tree fertilization just may be the answer.

Tree fertilization will improve the soil health and nutrient levels in order to help give your trees what they really need. This will improve their overall health and help them not only look better but live longer, too.

Plus, by improving their health, you’ll also help them better defend themselves against minor disease, pest, and environmental stressors. But on the flip side, when in a weakened state, your trees may succumb to other problems. That’s why it’s so important not to overlook this important step in your trees’ care.

Think of it as an investment in your property.

Tree fertilization is an important preventative maintenance step that will help ensure your trees continue to give you all that they can—for many years to come.