Your trees naturally define your landscape and property. You’ve worked hard to design and install the trees and plants in your yard to create a serene, beautiful place to unwind, entertain friends and to play with your kids. In addition to becoming your favorite spot to relax, the trees and plants you use in your landscape can add value to your real estate and improve the environment.

Selecting and installing the proper tree is the first step. Going forward, consistent care and maintenance of your trees are critical to the health and vibrancy of your trees. Insect infestation, disease infection, drought stress, over-watering, root rots, volcano mulching, structural flaws and other hazards can work to the detriment of your tree’s health.

Keeping your trees in optimal health is the best way to prevent decline and tree mortality from pest and disease.  An annual application of nutrients and fertilizers should be prescribed and applied as needed an at the direction of your arborist. These products will release the right amount of nutrients to feed your tree and create a healthy environment to thwart potential insect and disease infestations. Additionally, proper pruning and irrigation are vital to the health, upright growth and stabilization of your landscape trees. Timely identification and treatment of pest and disease is the most optimal way to ensure your trees stay healthy.

With consistent, thorough tree care and early identification of infestations, trees will grow to maturity and provide your property with the environmental, lifestyle and economic benefits you expect.