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Palo Alto Tree Care Services

Are you in need of a professional arborist in the Palo Alto, CA area? Give Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting a call today for all of your tree care needs.

Providing care for the trees on your property is more important now than it has ever been before. With issues such as climate change, air and water pollution, and encroaching man-made elements, trees can have a harder time thriving; especially on residential properties.

Arborists have gone the extra mile to learn the most effective tree care strategies, Everything from trimming, pruning, fertilizer, and tree safety are all well within the tree care specialists wheelhouse of knowledge. When the trees on your property are not thriving as they should, a professional can turn it around and have the trees thriving once more.

Need some professional assistance with the trees on your property? Give us a call today to talk about tree health care plans that could save some considerable tree care costs down the road.

The Importance Of Tree Care Services

Tree care services are more involved than many people would think. Trees are now at a disadvantage compared to their wildly grown counterparts. This is due to the man-made factors that have been introduced to the soil and environment.

Issues like climate change and soil pollution make trees growth and health more difficult to maintain. Tree services are designed to keep the tree as healthy as possible. Cutting down a tree is also the last resort when working with a dedicated arborist. They go through every possibility before that decision is reached.

Unfortunately, sometimes cutting down a tree is the only option. Removing a tree from the property is a dangerous maneuver that requires a skilled professional. Trained tree care experts are not only able to spot when a tree needs to be removed, but they have the experience and equipment available to complete the job safely and quickly.

Are you concerned about a damaged tree close to your home? Don’t want for the worst to happen. Give us a call today for a tree removal consultation.

Why Tree Fertilizer Is Important

Fertilizer for trees is equivalent to humans taking vitamins. Yes, we can survive without them but we tend to be healthier when we take them. Fertilizer works the same way for trees. Residential soil can lack a lot of the nutrients trees need to grow and thrive. The lack of these nutrients may not kill a tree right away, but homeowners will notice a decline in appearance and function; such as fruit or flower growth.

The easiest way to know if your soil is lacking important nutrients such as nitrogen for example is to have the soil tested by a tree care specialist. This will give you the definitive answer to why the tree may not be performing as it should. Once the fertilizer has been added, most homeowners see a difference in the tree.

The fertilizer will help the tree grow more quickly, produce better fruit and flowers, and it can help reduce the risk of catching diseases or insect infestation. That being said, tree fertilizer is most important for younger growing trees. Just like human children, young trees require a lot of nutrients to grow big and small. As the tree grows older, they will not need as much fertilizer, and it can be done only once a year.

When To Trim and Prune Your Trees

Trimming and pruning your trees is designed to promote growth and well being. Both of these tree care chores can be done at the same time to maximize efficiency. How often to trim and prune can depend on the type of tree and your geographic location.

Typically, trimming should be down twice a year in the spring and fall while pruning should be done once during the springtime. The spring and fall are the best tines as the trees are able to heal faster, plus the arborist will be able to accomplish the project easier without as many leaves, flowers, and sap in the way.

Again, all of this is dependent on the type of trees and where you are located. Some trees, for example, only need to be trimmed or pruned every couple of years, while other trees need to be done annually. Typically, the smaller the tree (specifically large bushes and shrubs) the more often they will need to be done. 

The smaller more dense species are more likely to become congested thus not allowing the lower branches to get the right nutrients. Also, these types of trees tend to grow out in unkempt ways making them appear shabby if they are not pruned back.

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting has been the tree care specialist in Palo Alto CA for over two decades. They are experts in the trimming and pruning area and are available to assist you. Give us a call today (650) 728-8308 to set an appointment.

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