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Tree Care Services In The Hillsborough Area

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With so many landscaping options available, caring for trees can tend to fall beneath the radar. Putting it off, or not doing it at all, can lead to unhealthy trees that could potentially need to be removed. 

A professional arborist is someone who can look over each tree in your yard to determine what type of care is needed. Chances are, care will only need a few times of the year and it can be relatively inexpensive and easy to accomplish. The benefits, however, are healthy and long-living trees that will bring joy to many generations to come.

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The Benefits Of Pruning Your Trees

Pruning your trees is the best way to prevent any damage from occurring from falling branches and limbs. It also keeps the tree healthy, growing correctly, and can stop diseases from spreading. When pruning your trees, you want to look for any damaged or hanging branches that should be eliminated.

Removing these pieces will keep them from clogging the ground or potentially hitting someone. It will also stop them from causing damage to the roof, the vehicles, and other structures. Damaged or diseased branches can also spread the disease to the rest of the tree or other healthy trees. Pruning it off will stop that from happening.

Pruning your tree will also keep them in good looking shape. If pruning is not done periodically, they can look unkempt and shabby which will detract from curb appeal. Though there are many benefits to pruning, relying on a professional to handle the job will ensure it is done correctly and safely.

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Why Do You Need A Tree Inventory Performed?

A tree inventory is designed to give you all the pertinent information you need on every tree on the property. It will tell you information such as age, species, location, health, and defects. It will also tell you whether the tree should be removed or retained.

Generally speaking, tree inventories are better suited for large property owners or estate managers. The tree inventory consultation can you plan your landscaping needs based on the most urgent tree care situation. It is also helpful in planning a budget for tree care and removal.

If a tree needs to be removed, a removal plan in order of importance will be drafted for you to look over. All the trees that are to be retained will have a recommended care plan so they have the best chances of surviving. Finally, tree species diversity is very important for the health of the trees. The tree inventory will help you determine what types of trees are best to plant.

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