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Tree Treatments are Essential


Proper tree care is critical to the long-term survivability of your trees. Often, property owners and managers focus on tree selection and installation and forget to put together a short- and long-term maintenance plan.

Consistent care and maintenance of your trees is critical to the healthy growth and vibrancy of your trees, including tree treatments. Insect pest, disease infestations, drought stress, over-watering, root rot, structural flaws and other hazards can work to the detriment of your tree’s health.

Tree services may include young tree and mature tree pruning, tree fertilization, insecticide and disease control tree treatments, mulching, stump grinding, tree transplanting and annual tree health inspections.

Pruning involves removing dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect and disease organisms from entering the tree. Pruning can also lighten and thin a dense canopy on the tree to increase air and sunlight, which can also result in fewer disease problems.

Trees should be regularly watered at planting, during the first few years of establishment and during dry spells and drought.  Proper supplemental irrigation during the growing season of spring and summer can help your trees perform optimally and reduce the potential for pest and disease infestation.  Consider mulching in spring to help retain moisture in the soil and reduce weed growth.  Fertilize in spring as needed to replenish nutrients.

Stump grinding is a specialized service that takes place after a tree is taken down or removed. Equipment is brought in to grind up the tree stump and roots. The debris must be removed and often soil is brought in to fill in the hole remaining from the stump removal.

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