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Tree fertilization is an important aspect of tree care. Providing the right nutrients for each tree will ensure a long and healthy life. Give Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consultation a call. They are the tree fertilization experts in San Carlos.

Fertilizer for trees is not just an “extra care” option that some homeowners provide their trees. It is actually an essential component of tree care that provides them with the nutrients and pH that residential soil can be missing.

Wild grown trees are able to pull all the essentials they need from the soil. When trees are on a residential or commercial property, the soil they are planted in can lack a lot of the nutrients they need to grow and thrive properly. For this reason, fertilizing your trees is an important part of landscaping.

Not sure what kind of fertilizer your trees need? Give us a call and our experienced tree care specialists will give you a personalized tree fertilization consultation.

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Your Trees? 

Most homeowners recognize the need for tree fertilizer, but they are unsure of what fertilizer they need or when it should be provided. As far as the type of fertilizer, the best bet is to speak with your tree care specialist. They will perform a soil analysis that will tell you what nutrients are missing from the soil.

In most cases, however, you want to go with a fertilizer that has a higher ratio of nitrogen. A soil analysis may also show a deficiency in potassium and phosphorus that should also be added to the fertilizer to keep the trees growing strong. 

Typically, newly planted trees are going to need more nitrogen-rich soil, and they will require fertilizer a few times of the year. Usually, one heavy fertilizer spread with smaller ones throughout the year is best. As a tree ages, you can decrease the amount of fertilizer and only do an annual spread.

Depending on the species and location, spring is generally the best time to lay fertilizer. On the other hand, early fall is the second most important time. It gives the trees the extra nutrients they will need through the winter months. Many homeowners opt for a heavier spread in the spring followed by a lighter layer in the fall for trees that are still growing.

Why Tree Fertilization Is Important

Tree fertilization is important for trees that are not grown in the wild. The soil on our properties can lack some of the nutrients the trees need to remain healthy and thrive. Fertilization, as mentioned above, is extremely important for young trees that are still growing.

To give an accurate picture, here are the benefits of fertilizing the trees on your property:

  • Optimize the Soil: Though it has been mentioned a few times already, residential soil has been processed by humans and can lack the essential nutrients trees need to survive.
  • Health: Fertilizer keeps the tree growing strong, but it also keeps them healthy. When a tree has the right nutrients, it will be able to fight off minor diseases that could affect it.
  • Insects: A well-nourished tree will also be able to fight off pest infestations. Typically, wood-borers are looking for decay and unhealthy trees. The fertilizer will help keep them at bay.
  • Appearance: Fertilizer will also improve the appearance of the tree. A healthy tree will reflect that with full branches and an overall robust look.

Tree care is important if you wish to have your tress survive in a man-made environment. Fertilizer is an important part of that tree care. While the benefits above are important, an overall healthy landscape will trickle down to the smallest plants on your property.

Need soil analysis? Reach out to our experts so you can pinpoint exactly what type of fertilizer will be best for your trees.

Why Work With Us?

Providing the right nutrients for your tree will keep them healthy and strong for many years to come. It will also save the homeowner money by protecting the new trees that are planted throughout the property.

Choosing just any fertilizer can have the opposite effect than what it is meant for. This is why working with a professional is important. An experienced arborist will be able to test the soil and recommend the correct type of fertilizer. They will also be able to set a fertilizer schedule and perform the chore for you.

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting is the expert tree fertilizer specialist. We understand the special attachment each homeowner has for their trees, and our goal is to foster that attachment for as long as possible. Call us today at (650) 728-8308 to speak with one of our friendly team members.

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