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Tree care is an important aspect of landscaping for homeowners. Unfortunately, sometimes trimming and pruning is just not enough. Proper tree care information can go along way to preserving and extending the life of the trees on any given property.

Knowing how to get the information regarding your trees can be a challenge if you do not know where to turn. Luckily, there are options such as a tree risk assessment and a tree inventory that can provide a considerable amount of knowledge. Working with a professional tree care specialist is the first step to gaining that knowledge.

Need some basic tree care, but not sure what you need? Check out our tree care guide here for more information.

What Is A Tree Inventory 

A tree inventory is an assessment performed for those homeowners who have a large property or property managers who oversee large estates. The assessment gives basic information on the tree and its condition. The consultant will do a 360-degree overview of each tree noting its location, species, health, defects, and age among other things.

The purpose of the inventory is to determine which trees need to be removed and which ones can be retained. Trees that need to be removed due to disease, pest infestation, or they are already dead will free up space for additional trees that can be planed.

Care guides are also given for any trees that are able to be retained. Recommendations for trimming, pruning, fertilizer, and disease and pest control will be offered to help keep the trees in the best condition possible.

What Is A Tree Risk Assessment

Unlike a tree inventory, a tree risk assessment survey is designed to determine the likelihood of a tree falling and causing damage to the property. Risk assessments have different levels of invasiveness. The first level is a general walkthrough where any dead or damaged trees are spotted.

The next two levels go deeper into each tree. A 360-degree inspection of each tree is performed where the consultant will look for damage, disease, general health, and pest infestation. At times, the homeowner can also opt for a deeper inspection by having the specialist drill into the tree looking for an internal problem. An aerial view can also be done for a better look at the canopy.

Besides the basic tree information such as species, age, etc the risk assessment also takes into account the location, general wind and weather patterns, and soil ground corrosion. Anything that could indicate the point when a tree could fail is recorded.

The risk assessment will give the homeowner the likelihood of when each tree will fall and cause a problem. Those problems include personal injury, structural, and property damage, powerline disruption, and the possibility of a tree preventing occupants from leaving the home.

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Why Working With Professional Arborists Is Important

Whether you need a tree risk assessment performed or a tree inventory done, a professional arborist will be able to relay the important information you need. Trained and experienced tree care specialists have the ability to spot defects or damage that an untrained person may miss.

Tree care issues such as fertilizer, cabling, and disease prevention are all scenarios that the layman may not be able to do correctly without accurate information. Arborists may concern is the health and well being of the trees and other plant life on the property. They will go the extra step to strengthen the tree before the decision to cut it down is made.

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting is the trusted tree care specialists in the San Carlos CA area. We have been a part of the community since 2006, and we are available for tree inventory and risk assessment surveys at (650) 728-8308.

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