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Tree Care Services In Portola Valley

Tree care services in the Portola Valley, CA area are best done with Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting. Reach out to us today for more information.

Trees are an important part of the landscape. Many homeowners take great pleasure in having several different kinds of tree species throughout the property. Trees can offer shade, relaxation, a place for kids to play, and great memories. Now of these things would be possible, however, without the ongoing care trees receive.

Tree services are highly in demand now that our climate is changing and our environment has been compromised by man-made elements. Trees that were once able to fend for themselves in your yards, are not in need of some extra TLC to be healthy and thrive. All of these are reasons why working with a tree care specialist is important.

Want more information on tree heath care plans? Check out why they are important and what your options are here.

When Should You Have A Tree Removed?

Tree removal can be a difficult decision to make for many homeowners. Trees hold a special place in their yards, and the empty space they leave behind can be vast. That being said, there are times when removing a tree is the only option.

To help make the decision easier, take a look at these important reasons why removing the tree is the best option.

  • The Tree Has Died: When a tree has died it will eventually fall due to rot and damage. If the tree is close to the home or other structure it can cause a lot of damage.
  • The Tree is Leaning: A leaning tree is typically due to damage from high winds. Though it could potentially stay that way for years to come, it could also fall at any minute.
  • Disease: Diseases are common in certain areas and within certain species. Diseases can take over trees quickly causing them to fail and spread the issue to other healthy trees.
  • The Tree is Close to Your Home: When a tree is growing too close to the home it could have the potential to do serious damage in bad weather. The roots of the tree can also cause problems with the foundation and piping.
  • Powerline Concerns: Trees that are growing into power lines can cause fires and power outages. If possible, the tree will be trimmed back so it does not interfere, but at times it will need to be removed.

Have a tree that is old, but not ready to be removed? There are other options. Give us a call to hear about cable ties and supports that could potentially save your tree!

What Is Stump Grinding?

When a tree is removed, there is usually evidence left behind in the form of a stump. Tree stumps can be dangerous, unsightly, and produce things such as fungi and insect infestation. Removing the stump can be somewhat expensive and invasive to the yard, however.

Another option that many homeowners are not aware of is stump grinding. Stump grinding is the most efficient way of removing the leftover tree from the yard. The way it is done is by a tree care specialist using a grinder that essentially uses rotating blades to reduce the stump to wood chips.

The leftover wood chips make good mulch for other plants or are used as bedding for swing sets, etc. The one downside to stump grinding is it does leave the roots behind. Roots can actually continue to grow even when the tree is cut down. For the most part, however, the roots will not have enough force to do any damage to piping, etc unless there is already damage present.

Why Tree Service Is Important

Trees left to their own devices may not necessarily die right away, but there can be a very obvious decrease in their appearance and overall health. Trees that are not properly cared for end up looking less robust and do not produce as many flowers, greenery, and fruit.

Proving your trees with care is the best way to keep your trees healthy and thriving for years to come. Simple actions such as trimming, pruning, and fertilizing can make a big impact. So as not to overwhelm homeowners, many tree care specialists will work to provide you with a tree care plan to keep everything running smoothly.

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting is the leader in tree care in the Portola Valley CA area. We have been serving the community since 2006 with care and dedication. Give us a call today to what care your trees are missing out on at (650) 728-8308.

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