How Tree Maintenance Can Help Both The Tree And The Environment

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Tree health care professionals of San Carlos, California, share why taking care of your trees is taking care of the planet. Proper Tree Care Helps Ecosystems Flourish April is Earth Month, and often, events tend to center around recycling and energy consumption, but helping the planet can be as simple as tending to your own

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Certified Arborist

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An Arborist Is Trained in the Art of the Trees If a person holds the Certified Arborist title, it indicates that they have the training and passed the necessary tests to speak for the trees. Arborists are about more than just cutting trees down. Their job is primarily to help trees survive and thrive in

Pest Alert – Two Horned Oak Gall Wasp

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Have you been noticing the leaves of your Coast live oaks and Interior live oaks beginning to turn yellow or become distorted? Recently, there has been an increase in the population of a pest called Two Horned Oak Gall Wasp (THOGW). This pest feeds on the underside of the leaves and causes discoloration, a “burned”

Is There Something Wrong With My Tree?

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California tree service professionals tell their customers why their tree may not be growing as quickly as they want it to. Reasons and Solutions for Slow Tree Growth Trees are often purchased with high hopes of their growing quickly either to create a natural windbreak or privacy barrier. When growth doesn’t happen as quickly as

The Essentials of Fall Tree Care

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California-based tree service experts share tips for preparing trees for winter. A Checklist for Autumn Tree Health While many trees and plants flourish without any human intervention, most of the plants in our yards could use a bit of assistance. There are often cycles in nature that do not happen on regularly manicured landscaping. This

Three Wildlife Friendly Trees that Thrive in San Carlos, CA

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California tree service experts share types of trees that local wildlife loves. Add These Trees to Bring Wildlife to Your Backyard Looking to share your yard with some local fauna? Then these trees may be just what you are looking for. Trees don’t just add beauty to a space, they can make an environment that

An Action Plan for Your Uprooted Tree

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California-based tree care experts give a quick guide to dealing with an uprooted tree. Can an Uprooted Tree Be Saved? Trees beautify any sort of landscape, but they are especially important in urban and suburban areas where trees can be scarce. They can add value to a property as well as curb appeal and offer

DIY Tree Trimming: Three Major Mistakes

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California-based arborists warn you not to trim your own trees without proper research. Homeowner’s Big Missteps When They Trim Their Own Trees Tree trimming may seem like a simple thing to add to a “honey do” list. Often it is much more complex than it seems. As with any living thing, the way trees grow

The Arborist: An Insider’s Guide to the Tools of the Trade

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Tree care professionals share what it takes to be an arborist in California. What Tools Does an Arborist Use? When it comes to tree health, tree trimming, and tree removal, you may think that anyone with a chainsaw or a pair of loppers can do what’s needed. Unfortunately, people who employ this strategy often find

Common Deadly Tree Disease in the Bay Area

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Arborists in San Carlos raise awareness about diseases affecting local trees.  Common Diseases That are Detrimental to Local Trees San Carlos is located in one of the most beautiful regions in the whole world. The area is blessed with a variety and abundance of trees that add to the aesthetic. Unfortunately, due to wild variations