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Tree Care Specialists In Woodside

Do you trees that are not looking as robust as they once were? Chances are it has something to do with the care they were given. Give Ned Patchett a call to get your trees back to health.

There are so many different aspects of landscaping. From lawn care to bushes and shrub maintenance, that tree care can end up being at the bottom of the list. As trees seem to be so robust in nature, many homeowners do not realize how fragile they can actually be in residential yards.

Working with a professional arborist will help you give the best care possible to your trees. They understand the delicate balance the health of a tree relies on and they never allow for tree care to fall under the radar. Even if your trees are doing fine, they will still be able to help prevent any diseases or pests from taking root-so to speak.

Need more information about tree services in the Woodside CA area? Take a look at our tree services page here to see what your trees might be missing.

The Importance Of Trimming and Pruning Your Trees

Trimming and pruning your trees may go under the radar for many homeowners. Trimming and pruning may seem like something meant for bushes and shrubs versus the trees on the property. This is actually not true for many types of trees. Though it may not need to be done as often as their smaller bush counterparts need it done, tree trimming and pruning are still essential.

Here are some of the reasons why this function can make a difference in the health and lifespan of your tree:

  • Safety: Trimming and pruning will eliminate any hanging branches or limbs that could hit the property or injure a passerby.
  • Nutrients: The lower branches and portions of the tree need just as much sunlight and moisture as the rest. When the canopy becomes congested, the lower parts of the tree can have a harder time getting the nutrients they need.
  • Curb Appeal: Trees that are not trimmed and look unkempt and take away from the curb appeal of the house.
  • Diseases: Trimming and pruning will also remove any parts of the tree that may have succumbed to illness from the disease. This also goes for insects that may have made their home on one branch.
  • Overall Health: Keeping the tree trimmed will help it grow as it should. It will also strengthen the immune system making it less likely that a disease could catch hold.

Are your trees or shrubs overdue for trimming this season? Call us today to set an appointment for your tree care trimming and pruning.

When Should You Fertilize Your Trees

Tree fertilization gives the trees on your property all of the nutrients that may be missing in the soil. This will help the tree survive and thrive in your landscape. With that being said, many homeowners are unsure of when the right time to fertilize their trees.

Unfortunately, these questions are not easily answered as there are many factors to consider such as age, species, and location. For the most part, though, the best time to fertilize trees is in the late spring or early summer. Younger trees that are growing at a higher rate could need to be fertilized more often, however.

Typically, a younger tree should be given nutrients twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. Older trees may only need once a year or every other year. Not only that, but some trees can require extra nutrients several times throughout the year.

The best way to solve this issue is by working with a professional. They will be able to recommend how often a tree needs fertilizer, what kinds it needs, and when it should be applied.

Not sure what kind of fertilizer you need? Have a soil analysis done to make sure you are giving the trees the right nutrients to thrive.

Why Should You Remove A Tree Stump?

When a tree needs to be removed from the property, a tree stump is typically left behind. On the other hand, you may have moved to a location where one or more tree stumps have been left for you to take care of yourself. 

Tree stumps, besides being unsightly, can cause many difficulties for the homeowners. They can be a trip and fall hazard, especially when they are covered with leaves or snow. They can rot causing fungi to grow like mushrooms which are dangerous for pets and children. Leftover stumps can also attract insects that can spread and bore into other trees.

Finally, stumps can take up a lot of space. Many plans such as the construction of swing sets, sheds, or pools can be disrupted by a tree stump. New plants such as trees can also be planted in the location if it was removed. Not to mention, roots on a tree stump can continue to grow causing problems with piping. All in all, it is best to have the stump removed with the tree.

Have you heard of tree stump grinding? It is the most efficient way to be rid of unsightly stumps. Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting is the leader in tree care services. Give us a call at (650) 728-8308 to hear more about stump grinding services.

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