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Bay Area Tree Appraisal Reports


It should come as no surprise to hear that your trees are valuable. They have aesthetic, functional, social, and environmental benefits which make them an important asset on your property. Of course, keeping all of those benefits in mind, they have monetary value, too—and one that can be quantified by a dollar figure with a proper assessment by a competent appraiser. Whether you’ve lost a tree or experienced damage to a tree, you stand to lose one, or you’d like to know the value of your trees for real estate purposes, a tree appraisal report is a valuable tool which can help determine the monetary value of one or more trees on your property.

Sometimes a tree appraisal is specifically requested of you by a third party. For instance, a tree appraisal report may be required by your insurance company after the tree suffered damage or destruction in some way. Some towns and cities will also require appraisals on trees that are located within an area of proposed development. Tree appraisals are also sometimes needed in court, for lawsuits, or for the purpose of tax deductions.

Appraising Can Be Complicated

Particularly for large trees. While small trees which can be replaced with a similarly sized nursery tree are able to be appraised simply by determining the cost of replacement, large trees need to be thoroughly assessed. There are generally four factors that are used in the professional appraisal of a tree:

  1. Tree Size
  2. Tree Species
  3. Tree Condition
  4. Tree Location

Each of these factors can be measured in dollars and cents and will help derive the overall value of a tree.

Working with a Certified Arborist for a tree appraisal report is your best option for determining a tree’s worth. At Ned Patchett Consulting, our tree appraisals are detailed and robust, providing you with thorough information for whatever your needs may be. Instead of guessing at a tree’s value, a professional tree appraisal will provide you with an exact dollar figure and the research to back it up.

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