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Tree Inventory Services


Do you have a large estate with a lot of trees on the property? A tree inventory will give you all the information you need to care for the landscape. Call Ned Patchett for a consultation.

Whether you are a property manager of a large estate or you are a new homeowner with a large property of trees, a tree inventory consultation will help you determine the best future for every tree within your care.

Tree Inventory consultations are best for large properties but can be useful for new homeowners that have several trees throughout their property. This consultation is designed to give you an overview of the status of the trees, and how best to move forward with their care.

Large properties can have dozens of tree species which all require different care. Call us today to set an appointment for a consultation so none of your trees suffer.

What Is A Tree Inventory?

A tree inventory is a basic overview of the trees on the property. The assessment will give you the types of trees along with their location. The consultant will look at each tree noting its general health conditions, defects, and age. It also provides homeowners with a retain or remove recommendation based on the tree’s condition.

With this consultation, you will be able to determine which trees are dead or diseased that need to be removed as well as the trees that should be retained. What’s more, a tree care assessment will also be provided for the trees that will remain. The tree care guide will give you the basic tools you will need to make sure the trees grow and thrive in its location.

As mentioned above, a tree inventory is best suited for large estates or large properties with a lot of trees that need to be cared for. Homeowners and property managers alike gain a lot of vital information along with the appropriate care guides. If a tree needs to be removed, the tree inventory expert can also give recommendations on removing the tree before any diseases spread or damage occurs from a falling tree.

Benefits Of A Tree Inventory 

As mentioned, tree Inventory consultations are recommended for large properties. There are many benefits to the assessment that will help preserve the life of the trees. Below, we have listed the top four benefits of a tree inventory consultation.

  • Safety: The first benefit is safety. A tree inventory will highlight any trees that are damaged to the point of potentially falling and injuring people on the property. As the location is provided, you will also have a clear idea of whether the tree can damage any structures. For another thing, the assessment will indicate any trees that could spread disease or pest infestation to other healthy trees in the area.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Another aspect of the consultation is the recommendation of any trees that need to be removed in order of importance. This can help you plan your budget in order of the most pressing need down to the tree care maintenance.
  • Tree Care: As mentioned, the assessment will give an overview of the condition of each tree and the care recommended for each tree that is to remain. 
  • Landscape Planning: The tree inventory will let you know how many of each tree species is on the property. This can help with landscaping planning especially if you plan to plant more trees. Diversity in tree planning is beneficial as it will keep pest infestation and diseases low.

Planting new trees on your property? Check with an experienced arborist before you plant to ensure your trees have the best chance to grow and thrive. Give the San Carlos tree planting experts a call!

Why Working With Experienced Arborists Is Important 

A professional and experienced arborist is the most qualified person to assess your property and give an accurate tree inventory. They are trained in 360-degree inspections, and to note any damage or defects that could be missed by the untrained eye.

Having an experienced tree care consultant will also provide you with the best care possible. Their job is not to encourage the most costly tree removal plan, but to provide every tree saving option that is available. At Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting they have a comprehensive understanding of the delicate relationship between tres, landscapes, and the people that live among them 

As a family-owned and operated company, Ned Patchett has been the trusted tree care specialist in the San Carlos area since 2006. Give us a call at (650) 728-8308 to speak with an experienced assessment professional. 

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