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Are you concerned about a dead or damaged tree on your property? Call Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting to schedule a tree risk assessment today.

Damaged or dead trees on the property can be very dangerous when left on attended on a homeowner’s property. They can cause personal injury to the residents, substantial damage to the structures on the property, and they can cause disruption to power lines.

For all of those reasons, dead or damaged trees should be assessed by a professional as soon as possible. An expert in arboriculture will be able to perform an assessment that will take into account all the ways a falling tree or limb can cause problems on the property.

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What Is A Tree Risk Assessment?

A tree risk assessment survey is performed by an experienced arborist to determine the likelihood of a tree causing damage on a homeowner’s property. There are several different levels of an assessment that can take place depending on how invasive the homeowner’s wishes to be.

The reason behind a tree risk assessment is to prevent any persons on the property from sustaining an injury due to a falling tree. It is also used to determine whether a falling tree could damage structures like the house, sheds, outside living spaces, cars, etc.

It is also used to determine the likelihood of a tree interrupting power lines. Not only can downed power lines be dangerous, but they can cause a lot of inconvenience and stress for the homeowner. Especially during cold months when commodities like heat and gas are dependent on electricity.

Have trees that need care as well as damage assessment? Take a look at a tree inventory assessment here. This survey will not only determine damage but tree care as well.

What Is Included With A Tree Risk Assessment

As mentioned, a tree risk assessment can have several different levels. the first and most general survey is considered a walk through where any damaged or dead trees can be spotted and a removal plan is put into place.

The next two levels go further into the individual tree. Typically, a 360-degree visual inspection is done to look for flaws, damage, defects, disease, and infestation. If needed, an inner assessment can be done by drilling into the tree along with an aerial view to get a closer look at the canopy.

Other factors such as tree species, tree locations, age, and general condition are noted. Plus outside factors such as general wind and weather patterns, the closet structure that could be damaged, and soil composition are recorded.

All of the things, plus many other criteria, are all put together to determine the likelihood of the tree falling or damaging the occupants or property. If a tree needs to be removed, a removal plan is also recommended by the consultant.

The Benefits Of Tree Risk Assessment Surveys

Having this survey performed by a professional can have many benefits for the homeowner. Some of these benefits include:

  • Safety for People: A risk assessment will eliminate the dangers to any people on the property from damaged or falling trees and limbs.
  • Property Protection: The survey will also ensure the safety of all the structures on the property, including the home, car, sheds, etc.
  • Power Line Coverage: A risk assessment will ensure that there will be no powerline disruption nor any hazardous power lines that could be a break.
  • Tree Knowledge: As mentioned, the survey will give you information on the different types of trees that are on the property along with some care recommendations, pest and disease control, and planting plans.
  • Mode of Egress: Finally a tree risk assessment will ensure that a tree does not fall in a way that would prevent wither the occupants from leaving the house or emergency personal entering the house.

Having a risk assessment performed by a professional should be done every few years, or right away if you have a new property owned. Some signs of damage are not always apparent to the casual bystander. Things like pest infestation or storm damage can be hard to spot, but can still cause severe damage.

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting is the risk assessment survey experts in the San Carlos, CA area. We have been serving the community since 2006 with care and dedication for trees and customers. Give us a call today at (650) 728-8308.

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