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Tree Services

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Are you in need of tree services in San Carlos, CA area? Rely on Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting to preserve the life of your trees.   

Trees provide a natural ambiance to our world that is unlike anything else. A homeowner that has trees growing on their property has taken on the responsibility of taking care of the trees and maintaining their health and well being.

Trees in the wild thrive on an intricate ecosystem that provides them with all nutrients they need to survive. Conversely, trees that grow on a homeowner’s property are not linked to this fragile ecosystem and require more care from the homeowner.

To emulate the conditions of a wild-born tree, homeowners will often rely on the professional assistance of an arborist. Experienced arborists have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to ensure the property dwelling trees have the best chance of thriving.

Do you want to enjoy your trees for many years to come? Reach out to our professional staff of trained arborists to hear about our tree care consulting service.

The Importance Of Tree Services

Tree services are an important aspect of any landscaping plan. Tree services promote the health, well being, beauty, and safety of all trees growing on a homeowner’s property. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that trees can take care of themselves even for urban grown plants.

Trees naturally grown in the wild have the advantage of being born into a delicate ecosystem that provides them with the right soil and conditions to survive. In this delicate web of growth, trees thrive and produce new life.

Due to man-made additions to the landscape, atmosphere, and soil, trees that are not grown in the wild are at a disadvantage. They do not always have the nutrients and pH they need to survive. For this reason, professional arborists have dedicated their time to ensure that the trees grown on residential properties are well taken care of and provided with the supplies they need to live long healthy lives.

What Should You Expect With Tree Services

Professional arborists offer an array of different tree care services that homeowners can take advantage of to keep their trees healthy. These services include:

  • Tree Care: Tree care services such as trimming, pruning, air-spades, fertilizing, and tree staking are all available.
  • Tree Preservation: The preservation of trees is also important. Offers such as tree health care plans, pest and disease control, and sudden oak death treatments are common. 
  • Planting: Planting and transplanting plans and consultations are also an option. They include consultation on the types of species to plant, care plans, and care options.
  • Safety Concerns: Safety is also an important element of tree services. Tree and stump removal, risk assessment surveys, support cables and pipes, plus consultations are all designed to keep the tree, property, and homeowner safe.

All of these options fall within tree care services. In general, tree care services are designed to maximize the health and lifespan of the surrounding trees. Arborists take into consideration the delicate relationship between trees, the landscape, and the people living among them.

Not sure which tree service is right for you? Give us a call to set an appointment for a comprehensive consultation with one of our professional arborists.

Why Working With A Professional Arborist Is Essential

The professional tree care specialist has been trained in the best practices of arboriculture. They understand the delicate balance of care a residential tree needs in order to survive and thrive. A dedicated arborist is committed to preserving the life of the tree for as long as possible. Every measure will be taken before the difficult “cut down” choice is made.  

There are many aspects of the environment that can harm a tree. Disease, pest control, trimming, pruning, and many other services are all designed to keep the tree healthy and thriving. Though tree care is always a priority, keeping the homeowner and property safe is also a top goal.

A professional arborist will not only have the experience and know-how to properly care for the trees, but they also have the proper safety training to complete dangerous climbing and cutting jobs that can be very hazardous for the unskilled novice.

Working with a professional arborist will ensure all the trees on your property are getting the best care they deserve and need to survive and live a long and healthy life.

Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting are the experts in tree service in the San Carlos area. Give us a call today to set an appointment for a consultation with our friendly team members at (650) 728-8308.

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