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Trimming and pruning the trees around your home and on your property is an important aspect of landscape care. Not only will it add curb appeal to your property, but it also serves to protect the tree and help it thrive and grow.

Many homeowners are not aware of the difference between pruning and trimming, however. It is a common misconception that they are one and the same. In actuality, trimming and pruning, while they do require some of the same work, are done with two different goals in mind.

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Trimming Your Trees

Trimming your trees or bushes is done to promote the right growth for your plant. Excess limbs and branches are removed so the tree or bush has the chance to grow properly. When there are excess branches on a tree, it can stifle the growth as sunlight and moisture will not be able to get to the lower growth.

Trimming is done primarily to protect the growth of the tree. Generally speaking, tree trimming is done twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. This will ensure the tree is getting the correct amounts of nutrients throughout the entire year. 

On the other hand, trimming can vary depending on the tree species and the location. In some cases, trimming may have to be done more often while at others it may only have to be done once a year. A tree specialist will be able to give you the correct time-frequency in which you should have your trees and shrubs trimmed.

Pruning Your Trees

If trimming protects the growth of the tree, then pruning protects the tree for everything else. Pruning is done to remove any dead or damaged limbs and branches on the tree. It will also remove any diseased parts of the tree to keep it from spreading. Anything that could potentially keep a tree from surviving will be removed.

Pruning is also done for aesthetic purposes. Pruning is done to keep a particular shape intact. While this is more common for bushes or shrubs, it can also be done with certain types of trees. This also depends on the preference of the homeowner.

Typically, pruning is dome once a year in the spring. Pruning and trimming are both done during this time as the tree is able to heal faster, plus without as many blooms or leaves, the arborist will be able to see better. Like trimming, however, the frequency of pruning can vary depending on the species and location.

Benefits Of Trimming And Pruning

Many homeowners are not aware of the difference between trimming and pruning as they are often done at the same time. While they do have two different functions, the benefits of trimming and pruning are often quite similar.

Here are some of the tops benefits to both:

  • Safety: Trimming and pruning dead and hanging branches will protect the homeowner’s property as well as the residents of the home.
  • Disease: Removing any diseased branches will stop the spread of the disease to other parts of the tree or to other trees in the vicinity.
  • Health: Trimming allows the tree to grow well as it eliminated anything that will block sunlight and water from reaching the lower parts of the plant.
  • Aesthetics: Pruning will add curb appeal to the home by keeping trees and shrubs tidy and neat.
  • Pest Control: Both trimming and pruning will help keep an insect infestation at bay by removing any already infested limbs.

Though both have different functions, trimming and pruning are essential to the health and well being of your trees and shrubs.

Ned Patchett Tree Care and Consultation have been the trimming and pruning experts in the San Carlos, CA area since 2006. As a family-owned and operated business, they are dedicated to preserving the delicate balance between plants, the environment, and the people that live in it.

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