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3 Top Trees for Bay Area Homes: The Curb Appeal That Catches Homebuyer’s Eyes

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California customers can increase home values with the right trees, say tree service experts. These Types of Trees May Attract New Homebuyers Most homeowners want an attractive lawn and landscaping they can be proud of. The problem is that often people, even those in landscaping architecture often choose plants merely based on appearance. This can

How to Respond When a Tree is Struck by Lightning

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Professional, Certified Arborists in San Carlos, CA, Tell Homeowners What to Do if a Tree is Struck By Lightning What Happens When a Tree Is Struck by Lightning? Have you ever heard that if you’re caught in a storm, you can take shelter under a tree? This old wives’ tale just might be one of

The Truth About Arborists

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The Truth About Arborists Bay Area, CA residents know who to call when they’re in need of an arborist. Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting provides complete tree care. Trees are one of the most overlooked parts of a commercial or residential property. Maintaining a clean and healthy tree is essential to maintaining a happy

Winter Storms Wreaks Havoc On Trees

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After several years of mild winters and extreme drought conditions in California Mother Nature has returned with a bang! Substantial rainfall has resulted in saturated soil conditions and wind gusts have reached 50-60 miles per hour, which have increased ground failures and resulted in numerous branch failures. Please schedule a site visit with one of