Pest Alert – Two Horned Oak Gall Wasp

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Have you been noticing the leaves of your Coast live oaks and Interior live oaks beginning to turn yellow or become distorted? Recently, there has been an increase in the population of a pest called Two Horned Oak Gall Wasp (THOGW). This pest feeds on the underside of the leaves and causes discoloration, a “burned”

How The Christmas Tree Came To Be

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Arborists in San Carlos, CA Share the History of the Christmas Tree Every December, millions of Americans put up a tree as the ultimate sign that Christmas is coming. The Christmas tree thrills the hearts of children and evokes feelings of nostalgia and romance in adults. But how did the Christmas tree come to be?

Turf Magazine Feature – Keep An Eye On Lawn And Tree Disease

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SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE FEATURE AT TURFMAGAZINE.COM   By Lindsey Getz From the Spring 2019 Issue As a lawn care operator, you’re in the business of producing well-maintained and lush green lawns and landscapes. But the unpredictability of weather and the prevalence of certain diseases (as a result of changing weather and site conditions) can make

Become a NPC Team Member!

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Be a part of a cutting-edge tree specialist family and work in an exciting, innovative, fast-growing company. Ned Patchett Consulting is Silicon Valley’s premier Tree Service working on some of the area’s largest and most unique estates.  We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area bringing our unique approach to tree care to the area’s

Looking to work outside?! We are hiring!!

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Ned Patchett Consulting, Inc. a well-established tree company in the Bay Area is currently looking for team-oriented individuals to fill two positions for Landscape Maintenance Crew Leader and Tree Groundsman. These individuals need to be outgoing and accountable and able to effectively communicate with clients, vendors, sub-contractors and employees. Landscape Maintenance Crew Leader Requirements: *Speaks