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The Truth About Arborists

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The Truth About Arborists Bay Area, CA residents know who to call when they’re in need of an arborist. Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting provides complete tree care. Trees are one of the most overlooked parts of a commercial or residential property. Maintaining a clean and healthy tree is essential to maintaining a happy

Protecting Your Home From Tree Damage This Year

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The Tree Care Experts Based In San Carlos, CA Provide Safety Tips Don’t Let A Tree Damage Your Property This Season As the seasons change, the weather fluctuations can have a serious effect on the trees. During the mild spring and summer, trees come to life. They bear fruit and flowers, and they do the

The Best Time To Prune Trees in Winter

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Why Trim Your Trees This Winter? Tree Specialists in San Carlos, Share Their Best Tips and Tricks for Pruning Trees in Winter Winter is a perfect time for tree pruning for many reasons. During winter, trees stop growing and become dormant in cold climates. This can be an excellent time for pruning and will

Making Way for Good Views with Tree Pruning and Removals

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Essential Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy Whether you realize it or not, your trees play a major role in keeping your home looking and feeling its best. Not only do they help block out the sun, keeping your home nice and cool, but also they’re integral for improving the air quality as well.

Fertilizing Trees Equals Long-term Health

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Your lawn, shrubs and annuals are fertilized on a regular basis to help them establish strong roots and become more resistant to disease and pests that can cause decline. What about your trees? Do they require routine fertilization? In forests, trees receive plenty of nutrients, but in urban landscapes and corporate campuses, nutrients can be

Winter Storms Wreaks Havoc On Trees

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After several years of mild winters and extreme drought conditions in California Mother Nature has returned with a bang! Substantial rainfall has resulted in saturated soil conditions and wind gusts have reached 50-60 miles per hour, which have increased ground failures and resulted in numerous branch failures. Please schedule a site visit with one of

Saturated Soils Lead To Ground Failures

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The Bay Area has received about 5 days of straight rain after a winter that barely produced any significant rain fall. These saturated soil conditions coupled with strong winds can lead to an increased chance of ground failure incidents. Things to watch for include the following: Trees that are leaning Fractured or cracked soil near