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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Certified Arborist

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An Arborist Is Trained in the Art of the Trees If a person holds the Certified Arborist title, it indicates that they have the training and passed the necessary tests to speak for the trees. Arborists are about more than just cutting trees down. Their job is primarily to help trees survive and thrive in

Caring For The Historic Trees Of San Carlos, CA

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Tree service professionals of San Carlos, California share a bit about the oldest trees in the area and what the city does to protect them. The Bay Area Is Home to Some of the World’s Oldest Trees In California, when we say old trees we mean really old trees. This area holds both ancient redwood

Edible Landscape Design: What Every Homeowner Should Know About The Benefits of Edible Fruit Trees

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Tree service professionals of San Carlos, CA want you to know the ways fruit trees can help your household. Edible Fruit Trees Offer More Than Aesthetics to a Residential Garden Many people like to have a garden tucked away in the backyard, but how often do they think of using it for landscaping aesthetics? Edible

Is There Something Wrong With My Tree?

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California tree service professionals tell their customers why their tree may not be growing as quickly as they want it to. Reasons and Solutions for Slow Tree Growth Trees are often purchased with high hopes of their growing quickly either to create a natural windbreak or privacy barrier. When growth doesn’t happen as quickly as

An Action Plan for Your Uprooted Tree

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California-based tree care experts give a quick guide to dealing with an uprooted tree. Can an Uprooted Tree Be Saved? Trees beautify any sort of landscape, but they are especially important in urban and suburban areas where trees can be scarce. They can add value to a property as well as curb appeal and offer

Plant One Of These 5 Trees For Gorgeous Landscaping in California Summers

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Tree care professionals of San Carlos, CA discuss 5 trees that love California weather. Trees that Can Take the Heat Everyone acknowledges the beauty and majesty of trees, especially those who dwell in the shadow of the great Sequoias.  The problem is not knowing whether or not you want to plant a tree, the problem

A Beginner’s Guide to Fertilizer: Nourishing Strong and Healthy Trees and Shrubs

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California tree care experts share tips and tricks for fertilizer usage. Should You Use Fertilizer on Your Trees and Bushes? When it comes to landscaping and gardening, most people know that plants need sun, good soil, and water in order to thrive. Fertilizer, unfortunately, tends to be associated with antagonists in films getting their comeuppance.

Common Deadly Tree Disease in the Bay Area

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Arborists in San Carlos raise awareness about diseases affecting local trees.  Common Diseases That are Detrimental to Local Trees San Carlos is located in one of the most beautiful regions in the whole world. The area is blessed with a variety and abundance of trees that add to the aesthetic. Unfortunately, due to wild variations

Preventing and Managing Oak Tree Decline

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Arborists in San Carlos share information that can help tree owners manage debilitating oak diseases. Oak trees are one of the most widespread and diverse species of trees found across the US. They are found in natural forests as well as among the landscaping in most cities across the nation. Oak trees represent one of

Mulching Basics Every Homeowner Should Know

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San Francisco Bay Area San Carlos, CA based arborists want to talk about tree maintenance with homeowners. What Is Mulch? Learning the Basics Those that have trees on their property understand that if they want the trees to thrive on their property, they have to properly care for them. Mulch is one of the easiest