15 07, 2020

How Much Water A Newly Planted Tree Needs

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Bay Area Arboristbased in San Carlos, California, Share Tips on Watering Newly Planted Trees It happens all the time. That new tree you got from the nursery looked so healthy when you brought it home, but now it’s clearly struggling. The most common issue that newly-planted trees face is getting the right amount of water.

19 06, 2020

The Differences Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

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Tree Service Experts in San Carlos, CA Explain the Different Stump Removal Processes When it comes to removing that problem tree stump, a lot of terminology gets thrown around. Stump grinding? Stump removal? Most homeowners don’t know what either of those is or how they can choose the correct option for their specific situation. Luckily,

20 05, 2020

The True Risks of DIY Tree Pruning

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Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting Explains the Common Pitfalls Homeowners Encounter When They Try DIY Tree Pruning It’s certainly true that we live in an age of DIY everything. Need to lay flooring? Watch a YouTube video. Want to redo your kitchen backsplash? Pinterest to the rescue. Change the motor in your car? You

22 04, 2020

Professional Tips For Beautiful Spring Gardens

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Professional Tips For Beautiful Spring Gardens Landscapers based in San Carlos, CA offer advice to keep your garden beautiful this spring. Planting trees to save the planet has been a popular and vital practice for years. Trees add so much value to the environment by providing habitat for insects and animals and recycling carbon dioxide

24 03, 2020

The Truth About Arborists

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The Truth About Arborists Bay Area, CA residents know who to call when they’re in need of an arborist. Ned Patchett Tree Care & Consulting provides complete tree care. Trees are one of the most overlooked parts of a commercial or residential property. Maintaining a clean and healthy tree is essential to maintaining a happy

30 01, 2020

Protecting Your Home From Tree Damage This Year

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The Tree Care Experts Based In San Carlos, CA Provide Safety Tips Don’t Let A Tree Damage Your Property This Season As the seasons change, the weather fluctuations can have a serious effect on the trees. During the mild spring and summer, trees come to life. They bear fruit and flowers, and they do the

24 12, 2019

The Best Time To Prune Trees in Winter

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Why Trim Your Trees This Winter? Tree Specialists in San Carlos, Share Their Best Tips and Tricks for Pruning Trees in Winter Winter is a perfect time for tree pruning for many reasons. During winter, trees stop growing and become dormant in cold climates. This can be an excellent time for pruning and will

29 11, 2019

Making Way for Good Views with Tree Pruning and Removals

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Essential Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy Whether you realize it or not, your trees play a major role in keeping your home looking and feeling its best. Not only do they help block out the sun, keeping your home nice and cool, but also they’re integral for improving the air quality as well.

21 06, 2019

Turf Magazine Feature – Keep An Eye On Lawn And Tree Disease

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SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE FEATURE AT TURFMAGAZINE.COM   By Lindsey Getz From the Spring 2019 Issue As a lawn care operator, you’re in the business of producing well-maintained and lush green lawns and landscapes. But the unpredictability of weather and the prevalence of certain diseases (as a result of changing weather and site conditions) can make

24 04, 2019

Choose Your Trees

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From improved curb value and increased privacy to temperature moderation and erosion control, investing time and resources into your home’s landscaping can bring you a host of economic, social, health, and environmental benefits. Whatever your reason for wanting to include trees in your yard, choosing the right tree can be difficult. It’s important to consider