17 05, 2023

Edible Landscape Design: What Every Homeowner Should Know About The Benefits of Edible Fruit Trees

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Tree service professionals of San Carlos, CA want you to know the ways fruit trees can help your household. Edible Fruit Trees Offer More Than Aesthetics to a Residential Garden Many people like to have a garden tucked away in the backyard, but how often do they think of using it for landscaping aesthetics? Edible

21 04, 2023

What Does It Mean To Have Sustainable Tree Care?

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What Does It Mean To Have Sustainable Tree Care? Tree service professionals of San Carlos, California share tree health tips that won’t harm the environment. Be Environmentally Responsible In Your Tree and Plant Health Care Sustainability is a common topic these days when it comes to agriculture and arboriculture. The way people care for cultivated

21 03, 2023

Is There Something Wrong With My Tree?

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California tree service professionals tell their customers why their tree may not be growing as quickly as they want it to. Reasons and Solutions for Slow Tree Growth Trees are often purchased with high hopes of their growing quickly either to create a natural windbreak or privacy barrier. When growth doesn’t happen as quickly as

15 11, 2022

Healthy or Harmful? When Trees Shed Bark

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Tree health experts share a bit about why your tree may be shedding its bark and what to do about it. Shedding Bark May Be a Warning Sign of Pests and Disease, or Not It doesn’t take an arborist to notice when bark is falling off a tree. What may be harder to determine is

15 10, 2022

The Essentials of Fall Tree Care

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California-based tree service experts share tips for preparing trees for winter. A Checklist for Autumn Tree Health While many trees and plants flourish without any human intervention, most of the plants in our yards could use a bit of assistance. There are often cycles in nature that do not happen on regularly manicured landscaping. This

9 08, 2022

Three Wildlife Friendly Trees that Thrive in San Carlos, CA

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California tree service experts share types of trees that local wildlife loves. Add These Trees to Bring Wildlife to Your Backyard Looking to share your yard with some local fauna? Then these trees may be just what you are looking for. Trees don’t just add beauty to a space, they can make an environment that

15 07, 2022

An Action Plan for Your Uprooted Tree

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California-based tree care experts give a quick guide to dealing with an uprooted tree. Can an Uprooted Tree Be Saved? Trees beautify any sort of landscape, but they are especially important in urban and suburban areas where trees can be scarce. They can add value to a property as well as curb appeal and offer

9 06, 2022

Plant One Of These 5 Trees For Gorgeous Landscaping in California Summers

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Tree care professionals of San Carlos, CA discuss 5 trees that love California weather. Trees that Can Take the Heat Everyone acknowledges the beauty and majesty of trees, especially those who dwell in the shadow of the great Sequoias.  The problem is not knowing whether or not you want to plant a tree, the problem

15 05, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Fertilizer: Nourishing Strong and Healthy Trees and Shrubs

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California tree care experts share tips and tricks for fertilizer usage. Should You Use Fertilizer on Your Trees and Bushes? When it comes to landscaping and gardening, most people know that plants need sun, good soil, and water in order to thrive. Fertilizer, unfortunately, tends to be associated with antagonists in films getting their comeuppance.

2 04, 2022

3 Top Trees for Bay Area Homes: The Curb Appeal That Catches Homebuyer’s Eyes

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California customers can increase home values with the right trees, say tree service experts. These Types of Trees May Attract New Homebuyers Most homeowners want an attractive lawn and landscaping they can be proud of. The problem is that often people, even those in landscaping architecture often choose plants merely based on appearance. This can